Breezewoods Gentri Homes - PRICE LIST

Singe Attached:

House & lot - Php 1,618,500
Processing Fees - Php 129,480
Lot area - 80 sqm
Floor area - 69 sqm
TCP - 1,747,980
Est.pag ibig loan amt.- Php 1,398,384
Req.Equity - Php 349,596
Reservation Fee - Php 15,000

Townhouse Inner Unit:

House & Lot – Php 1,092,000
Processing Fees – Php 87,360
Lot Area – 50 sqm
Floor Area – 48 sqm
TCP – Php 1,179,360
Est pag ibig loan amt.- Php 973,350
Req Equity - 206,010
Reservation Fee - 10,000

Townhouse End Unit:

House & Lot – Php 1,242,000
Processing Fees – Php 99,360
Lot Area – 75 sqm
Floor Area - 48 sqm
TCP – Php 1,341,360
Est pag ibig loan amt. - 1,073,088
Req Equity – Php 268,272
Reservation Fee – Php 10,000


Breezewoods Gentri Homes is a sound investment for families in Metro Manila that are still renting or leasing a home. Because it is not too far away from Manila, you’ll never entirely leave the metropolis. Instead, you’ll open yourself up to the possibility of finally owning a home without starting from scratch. It is going to be a very wise move on your part. 

Cavite is just a close proximity to Manila, so there’s really no need for you to look for a new job once you move in. It is possible to commute from Breezewoods Gentri Homes to any point in the metro. Transportation is fairly easy nowadays, especially with a proposed rail system serving Cavite very soon. 

What’s more, Breezewoods Gentri Homes is not as expensive as owning a home seems. When you do the math, the amount that you pay in rental fees is almost the same as what you’ll pay in the monthly amortization. Give yourself 10 years and the house and lot is all yours. 

Breezewoods Gentri Homes is geared for low and middle-income families and individuals. This is the chance of people who dream of owning a home but can’t do so because their paycheck is not enough. Breeze Woods Development Corporation has lowered down the requirements so that every family will finally have a home that they can call their own. 


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